Maintenance Initiated


Scheduled Maintenance has been completed at this time.


Following our transition to new, advanced hardware, we’ve observed a discrepancy in data between the old and new servers. Specifically, we have observed that some recently written files and emails may be missing on the new server, which existed on the old server.

We wish to reassure you that this involves some data temporarily missing on the new server, which is still securely stored on the old one. There has been no loss of data, and we are actively working to recover and synchronise all missing files.

We can confirm that there has been no loss or interruption to MySQL Data.

Action Being Taken

Our engineering team are working on a solution to synchronise any missing data on the new server from the old. We expect this process to commence in the next hour, though it may take several hours to complete.

Initially we will be prioritising email data, and we will follow on with missing file data.

Our technical team is prioritising the speedy resolution of this issue. Although there may be some disruption as we work through this process, we are working to keep this to a minimum.

Possible Disruption:

As we work to recover missing emails in the least disruptive manner, there may be some interruption to email services. Clients may notice some unavailability of email services at certain times. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

Specific Advisory for POP Email Users:

For those using POP protocol with the ‘keep emails on the server’ option, you might notice emails downloading multiple times. Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to this under the POP protocol.

Future Recommendation: Where email is to be retained on server, we suggest considering a switch to the IMAP protocol in the future for more efficient email management.

Resolution Timeframe

We expect the resolution to take several hours. However, we are unable to provide a specific ETA as it depends on the duration of file transfers.

We are committed to resolving these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We Apologise for the Inconvenience:

Your patience and understanding during this time are invaluable to us.

Regular updates will be provided as we progress.

Please get in touch with our support team for any immediate concerns or assistance.


The maintenance is still ongoing at this time.

Additional time will be needed for this maintenance to be completed. Our System Operations team is working hard to complete the maintenance and bring the service back online.

Additional updates will be provided as they become available.


Maintenance has begun for Othello. Users will experience brief service interruption(s) (approximately 30 minutes at maximum) while the routine scheduled maintenance is performed.

Additional updates will be posted as avaliable.